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Joann Fabrtiz
Chicago's #1 most respected and well known psychic.

JoAnn is a highly qualified and truly gifted psychic with a national following. JoAnn has over 30 years of experience and has helped virtually thousands of people over the years with her natural psychic gifts of clairvoyance – both subjective and objective, mediumship, and telepathic abilities. What makes JoAnn unique from other psychics is her extensive training and experience. JoAnn studied the science and theory of psychic and spiritual awareness at both the Morris Pratt Institute and the First Psychic Science Church. JoAnn is a Certified Reiki Master, and Teacher. Unlike other psychics, JoAnn has had years of practical training and experience in clinical psychology, reality therapy and clinical hypnotherapy which she utilizes during her readings. What makes JoAnn unique is the fact that she does not rely simply upon one approach, but instead she utilizes her training in tarot card readings, palms, Reiki healing, numerology, and path life readings in her work. JoAnn is especially sensitive to individuals who are hesitant about getting a psychic “reading”. She works with each individual client in helping them obtain enlightenment in his/her life!

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